My Push Up Journey

After 5 months of regularly exercising, my trainer posed a 30-day push up challenge. This pushed (haha) me out of my comfort zone since I wasn’t confident with the skill, and I’ve never done anything similar before. Towards the end of the 30 days, my knees were bruised, and that made me want to learn the full push ups. The quarantine rolled around, and this gave me more time to focus and hone the skill, which was not easy. Uncaptured in the video are the sore muscles and that feeling of being stuck in the middle of the rep. Looking forward to learning more push up variations and other skills soon! Thanks, Coach Daniel (@dantofitness), for the accountability, the corrections, the programs, and the challenge to keep pushing.

Sorry, no music. Kinda new at this editing thing lol


Instagram: @nicolelac_

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