(Posted on Instagram on 11 January 2020)

People who’ve been close to me before September 2019 would know that physical activities were the bane of my existence—next to headaches, of course. Usually, people are quick to assume that I exercise solely to lose weight, but nah. Although I do welcome that with open arms, I choose to do this to push myself out of my comfort zone because I know that I tend to bask too much in the certainties of my excuses, anxieties (haha), and even my strengths.

Too much comfort leads to stagnation, and that’s exactly what I became physically and mentally. With the compliments that come with what people see on social media are deeper struggles that are often left in the dark to keep a strong front. I guess that’s okay to some extent, since the public need not know my dirty laundry, but the growth that I’ve achieved in the past four months is impossible to do alone. There are exercises that I dread, equipment that I frown upon, and unhealthy food that I yearn to eat, but the goals that I desire to achieve physically entail double the mental effort, which is why help is a necessity. Thanks, Coach Daniel, for helping me achieve fitness feats that I didn’t even know had names (lol) and for keeping my goals “smart.” A pull-up is in the horizon and more importantly, tangible with your guidance. Hahaha It has been a wild ride—this journey, but the results make it worth it. Always be #DTF.

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